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Tailored to YOU!
When developing the club mentality and philosophy, taking in to consideration the needs of the surrounding community is one of the most important aspects of SeVA. It is with this in mind that we will be looking to 5 different programs to maximize our service to the community.

1) Elite Club Volleyball

  • Large-Tournament Exposure
    • College Bound Preparation
    • More Training Time-2 or 3 Practices per week, 2.5 Hours each
  • Improved Strength and Conditioning Program
    • Longer Season Length (December to June)
    • Participation in a National Tournament

2) Training Program

  • Decreased Cost
  • 1-2 training days per week from December-April
  • 1 Brunswick-Area Tournament Day
  • Continued skill development for high school season!
  • First Touch development for Youth (3-10 year olds!)

3) Developmental Training Clinics

  • Late Summer and Fall Training Sessions
    • Three 40 minute sessions on Select Sundays from August-October
    • Skill Focused
    • Open to all community members

4) Summer Camps

  • 2017 Satellite Camps at Your High School
  • 2017 Middle School Camp (10-14 Year Olds)
  • 2017 Mini Volleyball Camp (3-10 Year Olds)
  •  2017 Residence Camps at the College of Coastal Georgia

5) Private Lessons

  • 1 on 1 Sessions to focus on skill mastery
    • Group Sessions to create team chemistry and skill mastery
  • Can be catered to each athlete’s personal need
    • Affordable 1 time options as well as packaged training sessions.
    • Available YEAR ROUND!

Mission statement

Southeast Volleyball Academy (SeVA) will take an inside out approach to volleyball excellence. Our goal is to create an organization and club that is uniquely different from other clubs with which you may have been involved. Southeast Volleyball Academy is completely dedicated to providing our athletes with the mental, spiritual, physical, tactical and technical volleyball training to help them achieve their maximum performance regardless of age or current ability. As an organization, we are providing a service to the player and their families and not the other way around. This principal understanding is what motivates us to provide you with the best possible club experience. Our club focus can be broken up into the following disciplines:

  • Fundamental Based Training, physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Creating a supportive environment which promotes all facets of the athlete’s life
  • Exposure and Example-ship

Fundamental Based Training
What makes SeVA training different?

  • The Master Coach format ensures congruent training from year to year. Individual coaches will coach their teams; however, Matt Wallace will be the master coach for all age groups, ensuring every athlete has College-Level tactical and technical instruction. This concept guarantees that all of our athletes receive the exact same training as everyone else in their age group, regardless of individual skill or their team’s skill level. With the master coach concept, there is one coach who is responsible for developing and implementing the club’s practice plans. The master coach also makes sure all the team coaches clearly understand the practice plans so that all of our athletes are receiving the same comprehensive training. Some programs cater to the ‘elite’ teams and fail to monitor the progress of the other teams in the club, but with a master coach all of the athletes go through the same practice plan and get the same, excellent level of training.
  • We have developed a core volleyball program that we want to see implemented in our area. We believe that all successful volleyball players demonstrate a similar fundamental base, and we want to make sure we are providing consistent direction on a club wide level. All of our coaches are instructed to teach the same core volleyball techniques and methods. As a player progresses in their volleyball career through our program, since all of our coaches are teaching the same techniques and methods, the players can build upon a base of fundamentals rather than having to re-learn a new set of training techniques for each new coach
  • The most important fundamental belief of Southeast Volleyball Academy is that we believe our athletes, through participation in the club, will learn valuable life lessons. Club volleyball can and should teach athletes concepts like hard work, commitment, sacrifice, perseverance, work ethic and many more of the most valuable life lessons that ultimately have a significant impact on helping people to succeed. Using volleyball as a tool to equip the young adult for life is essential to realizing whole-person success. It is in this way that we will make sure to contribute and facilitate growth of the mental and spiritual aspects of life in which sports unwaveringly challenge us.